Telco Customer Experience Reimagined by IBM + Salesfoce

The Telecommunications environment in Brazil is quite challenging, especially due to the limited competition and the mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in recent years. At Claro (América Móvil), one of the largest Telecommunications companies in Brazil, the challenge is enormous in terms of unifying legacy products and systems into a new one, bringing together Claro, NET, Embratel and Nextel.

This was the project that IBM Consulting embarked on in 2020, known as Solar, in which the gradual implementation of Salesforce is being carried out in phases. As an Advisor and Design Lead, my role was extensive, from internal alignments with IBM Leadership to collaborating with the PM and PO of the Squads at Claro (the client) to align the development backlog of the different fronts and cells.

As a Lead, I coordinated the team of designers, developed their careers, and provided training and capacity-building to continuously evolve the team and deliver quality results to our end client.

IBM iX + Salesforce + Claro
by Tiago Carvalho, Lead Designer @ IBM iX