Original Instantâneo e Digital

A digital bank aims to carry out the entire account opening process exclusively through its mobile application. The collection of potential customer data, including document photographs, videos, and digital signatures, is done through smartphones.

Initially launched for high-income clients, the bank faced a significant challenge when it made digital account opening available to all customer profiles and income levels. Within a few days, after a marketing campaign featuring Usain Bolt and Ana Paula Padrão, the number of customers using Android devices increased significantly, representing approximately 80% of the user base.

Given this diverse audience, with a multitude of device combinations and Android operating system versions, it became necessary to map the flow of this platform and conduct technical analyses based on Analytics data. Only after this evaluation was it possible to make adjustments to the app flow and test new improvements, such as font size and style, spacing, and contrast. The “Original Instantâneo e Digital” app has a rating of 4,0 on Google Play.

Banco Original + BRQ
by Tiago Carvalho, Information Architect and Interaction Lead Designer @BancoOriginal