Ser Original faz toda a diferença

After the launch of the first version of mobile application (iOS only), a specialized team was hired to integrate the User Experience department within the bank. Initially, our focus was to analyze all touchpoints and the main customer complaints.

We conducted a series of data analysis and studied the major trends in applications, especially those outside the banking sector. Our goal was to anticipate trends and deliver a 3.0 version to the bank’s new target audience, as well as address usability issues with the new application for both iOS and Android.

We focused on presenting and advocating for the need for a bottom-navigation approach, using a digital font (Nunito) that would be suitable for the digital environment, and simplifying the application’s navigation map by removing categories that reflected the bank’s structure rather than the customers’ mental map.

Multiple prototypes were developed, which were then subjected to guerrilla testing to refine the version that would be effectively tested in usability tests, with the final navigation applied.

Banco Original + Brivia Digital Branding
by Tiago Carvalho, Interaction and Service Design Lead @BancoOriginal