Internal tool for Brazilian Tax professionals - Rotação de Fundos

The Fund Rotation tool is used by TAX professionals to conduct audits of Investment Funds for which PwC is contracted to audit.

The original tool has been rebuilt to be integrated with others, providing a simpler and more direct navigation experience that adheres to the brand’s color guidelines. It also organizes information in a way that makes sense for those who will be following the five-year audit of a particular fund.

The Fund Rotation tool is an essential tool used by TAX professionals to perform audits of Investment Funds for which PwC has been engaged as the auditing firm.

Recently, the original tool underwent a reconstruction process to enable seamless integration with other tools, streamline navigation with a simpler and more straightforward approach, and align with the brand’s color guidelines. Additionally, efforts were made to organize information in a manner that would be meaningful for anyone following the audit of a specific fund over a five-year period.

The new version of the Fund Rotation tool offers a more user-friendly and intuitive navigation, making it easier for users to access desired functionalities. By adhering to the brand’s color guidelines, we ensure a visually cohesive experience that aligns with PwC’s brand identity.

Furthermore, the reorganization of information was thoughtfully planned, taking into consideration the need to present data clearly and logically. This approach will facilitate the monitoring of the fund’s audit over a five-year period, enabling more efficient understanding and precise analysis of the results obtained.

PwC Brasil
by Tiago Carvalho, Lead Designer @ PwC Brasil